I started drawing at age three. I would draw on the inside covers of my coloring books and promptly ask for new ones. All I wanted was plain paper. My first exhibition was the same year.  You know the part of the wall that is hidden when the door is open?  I made a colorful masterpiece that went unnoticed for days on my bedroom wall.


As a self-taught artist, I learned by copying other artists and experimenting with many kinds of media. I’ve settled on painting as the best fit for my work right now. I’m drawn to color and the emotional expression color can convey and the ability to capture light with oil painting.


I want my work to be relatable. With this figurative series I am exploring themes of longing -- longing for escape, release, connection, normalcy. I endeavor to express emotions and experiences that I have and that are universal among all people.


© 2016 by Andru Edward Grimm.